Thursday, January 9, 2014

Taking Care of Yourself.

That's what I awoke to do today, take care of myself.  I needed downtime.

It's not that I have been particularly busy.  But I am adapting and setting boundaries for myself.  6 months ago I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Psoriatic arthritis.  You may have seen the commercials featuring golfer Phil Mickselson.  It's the same disease.

One of the things you quickly learn with joint and tissue diseases that you simply cannot do what you think you can.  I tire easily, and somethings I simply can't do any open jars.  I simply cannot grip a jar tightly enough to open it now.

It's frustrating beyond explanation that I don't have the same energy and strength I did 10 years ago....even 5 years ago.  But cancer, it's treatment and now chronic disease has changed how I schedule my life.  2 active days means I have to have a day to restore my physical resources.  A couple years ago I came across an article written by Christine Miserandino titled "The spoon Theory".

After a painful night last night and nothing HAD to be done today, I made the decision about 3 am this was going to be "rosey's" day.  I'm need to recharge a little.  People like me find that pushing ourselves without recharging causes a bad domino effect to our health.

Here I sit wrapped in a blanket, hot cuppa lemon tea at my side and my fuzzy slippers.  I did change out of night clothes because someone could knock on the door.  But today there is a marathon of shows to watch and a baby blanket to crochet.  Here's a sample of how the day goes...

*More on the "Spoon Theory" can be found at Christine's blog

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