Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fresh Brewed Life by Nicole Johnson

Thomas Nelson sent me this book for free for the purpose of reviewing.  I receive no compensation for the review.

I have to be honest and confess that I got this book over a year ago.  I asked for it thinking this would be a nice nonfiction piece, perhaps a kind of preview for Bible study material.  I liked the title, the image was inviting. I made a cup of coffee and sat down for a nice sweet cozy read.

I was skimming through and starting to enjoy the book.  Then suddenly I skidded to a halt, asking myself "whoa, what was that she just said?"  And I went back to the top of the page and read again, more slowly.  I reacted with an "awww, nuts.  God didn't want me to review this book, he wants me to READ it."

A lot of life happened right around that same time.  I've fought breast cancer, had 3 surgeries, survived radiation, buried my mother and all around have had a lousy time.  So a week ago, I picked the book back up and said it's time for a fresh brewed life.

Nicole Johnson takes you along on her journey where most of us start.  We are women, wounded, bleeding and trying to make the best of our situation, when God wants so much more for our lives.  Reading through her book, I was able to pinpoint times in life that closely followed with her message. My book is highlighted in yellow on so many pages...the very first on page 8 where I tripped over the sentence, "This is our deepest identity, We are loved passionately by God."  I read that at a time where I desperately needed to hear that I was just as loved by God as the "charmed" women who never faced an ugly past.  This book personally spoke to the hope within me and brought extra healing to me in her words.  She even got all up in my business, when she told me that chocolate would not fill any of my longings.

I highly recommend this book for women who feel things have gone out of control and are looking for assistance getting it back.  For the wounded woman looking for wholeness, this is a great place to start.  I think it would make a wonderful, fulfilling Bible study for a group and Nicole thoughtfully includes a discussion guide in the back.

I highly recommend this book to women everywhere.

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