Friday, April 5, 2013

Before and After the Diagnosis

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There's a special kind of terror that comes in living with the AC.  It's different from the fear of BC.  Confused?  Cancer survivors/warriors understand perfect.  Before Cancer and After Cancer seems to define our timelines.

BC you do the screenings.  You try to live healthy, see the doctor and do your exams but then you still got cancer.  You realized that you can't really protect yourself against the diagnosis, you can simply try to catch it before it destroys your future.

AC you are wiser.  You know, you are somewhat a product of genetics and environment.  You do what you can but you must live daily with the knowledge, "It can come back".

So you pull up your boots and decide you will stomp through life.  You will invest yourself in family, friendship and your passions.  You have experienced the fear of death and know how fleeting life can feel.  You will live in the After Cancer space to it's fullest, deepest and most profound.  And while I am afraid of what lurks in my cell structures, I won't let it stop me from loving and living.  I will survive the "after" as well.



  1. Tina, What a brave attitude to have. I can't imagine fighting that battle myself. My father had cancer and was miraculously healed from it. Then the dreaded A word came into his life - Alzheimer's. Life before and after Alzheimer's are like two completely different lives. I'm choosing to live in the present, and in his life, the present is all that matters.

    1. The present is really all we have isn't it. Thank you for stopping by.

  2. I love this post!! Today is my second anniversary of finding my lump. My "lumpiversary". I want to adopt your "after" attitude. Thank you!

    1. Yo Midnight, I've wondered how you were doing. Get your boots on girl, and stomp through your life! But don't misunderstand me, there are still bad and scary days. You feel extra painful and stiff one morning and the first thought in my mind it back? Is this back pain metastasis? But worrying about the future, steals too much of the present. Listen to me. lol If worry was an Olympic sport, I'd have metaled many times over. But I keep trying to love the present and not think about "the IF".

  3. Awesome perspective and courage...yes--embrace life and I'm glad we get to do this wee piece together.