Monday, September 16, 2013

The Announcement - LIFE with Cancer!

There has been excitement bubbling behind the scenes and I have had to keep my mouth shut.  Several weeks ago, I was approached by a writer from DaySpring's (In)Courage group.  She asked me to consider leading an InCourage group for cancer survivors.  She was not aware how I dislike that term.

But I prayed about it and had an experience in my plastic surgeon's waiting room.  A young woman sat next to me and in the sparse conversation revealed she was having breast reconstruction.  Her mother, sister and aunts had all battled breast or ovarian cancer, so she had a mastectomy.  She told me she was a believer in Christ and believed He had led her this direction. She was experiencing pain with her "fills" so I chatted with her about that.  She thanked me and as she stood to leave told me, "I wish there as place online where women of faith can gather and share how cancer impacted their life and support each other through it.  I smiled and waved as she walked off and then I thought about what she had said.

I had prayed about finding an open door if God wanted me to lead such a group and there I sat...looking at the proverbial doorway, God had outlined it with neon lights flashing ....COME ON DOWN!

I have worked with the leadership team and today our site goes LIVE!

We are women of faith who have experienced cancer up close and personal.  This place is for women with any type of cancer.  My "ribbon" is pink but it matters not what color yours is.   We are here to walk with the warrior in battle, celebrate with the survivor and encourage the caregiver. We hope to create a place where you find support, education, tips, encouragement and a place to vent your frustration. We will SHARE burdens, prayers, support, tips, strength, courage and yes hope.

Most of all we desire to live our lives to the fullest and share it with others on their walk through LIFE with cancer!

A thief comes only to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they may have life and have it in abundance. John 10:10
You can sign up TODAY at and join our group of ladies.

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  1. SO AWESOME my bligging dahling!!!