Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Coming When Called

This morning, I stepped into the brisk morning air to call in our pomeranian "Leia".  This is her...3 legged and one eye, she is a tail and ear away from being named "Lucky".  Because she has a tendency to hurt herself, we limit her outdoor time.

This summer I noticed a tendency she developed to ignore me.  At least that's how it felt to me.  I can stand on my deck, hollering, dancing, calling, and whistling and I get no response.  But when I step onto the patio and into her line of sight, her little tail begins to beat it's furious rhythm.  Her 3 tiny legs churn in her haste to get to my side.  I walk to the door and hold it open as she rockets inside.

It amuses me.

It also irritates me a tad as it requires me to step out of the shelter of my deck to get her attention.  I'm sure there's a lesson for me in that somewhere.

This morning as she rocketed into the house before me, the prompting from the O Most High stopped me in my tracks.

"You're just like her you know."

I must admit I rolled my eyes just a bit but the divine word still came.  "I've told you I'm here, that I'm always here.  Yet you don't believe Me unless I step out so you can see Me."

Ouch.  Jesus told us in Matthew 28:20 that HE was with us always as we went through our lives for Him.  But it's correct that many times I fret and fuss that I can't SEE Him, because I can't FEEL Him.  So that must mean He is not there.  I pray and beg Him to show Himself to me.

While I believe it goes against the nature and character of God to get impatient with me and want to thump me on the head, I can at least imagine that He like me...gets tired of always having to SHOW me He is there before I listen for His voice.  That I must see Him when He calls before I will move toward Him.

I sit here honored that He met with me and spoke to remind me "I am with you always, to the end of the age."

I must work on moving to Him when He calls.