Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Healing Hearts by Beth Wiseman

I  have to confess that I am not a fan of short stories, novellas or whatever you prefer to call  them.  I do love Amish fiction.  It motivates me.  As I read of these women  working through their days without my modern conveniences, I find myself thankful  for electric appliances.   I  also find myself motivated to go clean something.  My husband LOVES that.   Reading the challenges they have to complete a given task makes me want to get to work on mine.
    So despite my frustration of receiving this book and finding it not to be one meaty story but a collection of three, I sat to read.   The stories  are   titled, A Change of Heart, A Choice to Forgive, and Healing Hearts.   All  three are of Amish women who must travel  though pain, disappointment or betrayal to find a place of forgiveness and peace.   They were entertaining and an easy read.  I finished this group of  stories in a few  hours.   Not particularly deep  motivating fiction, but they were full, and rich in  detail and character.  Beth Wiseman has never disappointed me.  
   If you are looking for light fiction that will entertain while you wait in doctor's  office or the kid's practices this would be an excellent choice.  Easy to pick up  where you left off earlier without having to back track.  If you aren't familiar with Beth's novels, this is a good starting  place.  If  like me, you have read several of her books;  you will most likely find yourself wishing for more at the end.    I still recommend this collection to anyone interested in Amish fiction.
   I was given this book at no charge by the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program for the purpose of  review.  I  was  not directed to give any kind of review  other than my own opinions as expressed above.  I  am disclosing this  information  in accordance  with  the law.

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