Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Seraph Seal by Leonard Sweet, Lori Wagner

I was prepared  to  hate this book.  In fact, I was prepared to not even  finish  the book.  I'm not  much  on Apocalypic  tales.  They scare me.  I expected to be horrified well  beyond the end of the book.    It's quite the bulky book, some 500  pages.  I wasn't certain what to expect.

I started  the Prologue and I was hooked.  I really enjoyed this book despite my expectations.  This book does deal with the Apocalypse heralded  by the breaking of the seven seals and the release of the the Four Horsemen.   But the tale is woven in such a way that it's not your typical  movie style storyline.  I found myself drawn in. Even though the year is 2048, I found myself reflecting on the similarities between the earth in 2048 and earth 2011.   It wasn't pretty.  

Faith is woven through the storyline but it is not a exact Bible descriptive version of the end of the earth or the apocalyse.   It is not what you've seen in movies, or your Bible story versions of Revelations.  It was different perspective on what all could be.  I caution you if you expect a Bible study version of  the end of times, this is not your  book.  This is fiction and the writer's idea of what could possibly happen.  The enduring message of the Love of God,  and the sacrifice of  Christ is  paramount to the message  of the book.

The story begins with the birth of 8 infants and their impact upon the world.  In the year 2048,  the eight are now grown and 36 years of age.  The prophesy has come to fruition and earth is dying.  You may recall I mentioned the Four  Horsemen, but we  have  Eight in this storyline.  It is a  classic, good vs  evil power struggle.  Paul Binder finds himself surrounded by events that he can not explain with mathematics  or science.  Something or someone seems to be directing his path, taking him on a journey into the past and into the future.  He  meets other people who are drawn to each other for unexplaned reasons.    It was amusing to see elements of OUR time mentioned as antiques or primitive technology compared to 2048.   Much of the technology in the book made me question "do we have this technology now or are we close to it? Or is this just his creative thinking about how technology could progress?"

I can't give away the ending.   It was not the Evangelical Christ riding down on a white stallion,  striking down those who oppose him. World War III isn't even part of the book,  which  is typically how the  apocalypse is depicted.  You  will be disappointed if  you  are expecting  a truly evangelical, true to the Bible theology.  But at the end of this  book, I sat back and said "Wow."   It ended in such a way that kind of boggled my mind but also made me happy.

I was happy with  the book and  am glad for  having read it.   It is NOT an easy laid back flowing read.  It's not written for the 6th grade education.  But I do recommend it  to anyone who is willing   sit  down and  chew on it  for  a  bit.  I  have already  loaned the book  out.

**This book was sent free to for the purpose of  review.   I have not been paid for my review and I  was not instructed to write a review reflecting any  opinion but my own.  This review  reflects my  opinion  and none other.**

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