Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sweet Sanctuary fails miserably

I wanted to like this book. I had heard good things about it, and I respect Sheila Walsh.  So I thought it was destined to be great.  I don't know what I was expecting but frankly, I expected more than this book delivered.

I found the main character of the book, Wren and her son Charlie could have been more interesting.  There were moments in the book that were promising. I actually liked Charlie and his relationship with Franklin more than the main characters search for relationship, healing and love. For the most part, this book fell flat, words just lying on the page.  A work of fiction, inspirational fiction should leap off the page and transport you to another place.  If there is a message in it, all the better.  This was the first time in a long while that I had to MAKE myself finish a book. There is just no depth to this.

This COULD have been a good book, if more time had been spent on how this dysfunctional family mended their hearts, forgave and accepted the individuals as they were.  Some of the dialogue was just mean, and the relationships uncomfortable even for the reader.   This family moves from near hatred to hugs and kisses after a scare.  Really? I've seen tragedy deepen faith, I've seen it pull people together and mend fences.  But they journeyed through it.  This story would have you believe that instant forgiveness is obtained simply by experiencing tragedy together.

I can't recommend the book.  It felt like a waste of my time.  The book concludes,  Happily Ever After.  I was just happy it was concluded.

*I was given this copy of Sweet Sanctuary for the purpose of review by Thomas Nelson Publishers.  I was not instructed to give any particular type of review,  good or  bad.  My opinion was asked for and such as it was, I gave it.  I disclose this in compliance with the law.*

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