Friday, February 24, 2012

Taking the Plunge

Over a number of years now, several people have asked me to write publicly. I honestly don't know that I have a lot to share.   But should some poor soul think it worth their time to read what I am thinking about, I decided to add personal stuff to my review blog.  That way you can find out what I'm reading as well what I'm thinking.

I am currently going through a Beth Moore Bible study on the book of James.  Did you know that the book of James (in the Bible) was written by James the younger half brother of Christ?  Okay, did you know he is not the same James as in Apostle James.  Well, I did not.  It added a new dimension to the book for me.  I highly recommend this Bible study to all women.  Beth has pulled things out of this Scripture that other studies I have done on James did not.  I did a study years ago on the book of James, titled Taming The Tongue.  That was the content of the entire study.  What comes out of our mouth and how words hurt.  This is all true, but this Beth Moore study also addresses the Scriptures on caring for the poor, elitism, authenticity in our Christian walk, keeping our moral compass set on Heaven, gentleness and wisdom to name just a few topics we have covered.  There is a whole lot more to the book that taming the tongue.

Those of you who know me, know that I am married to a wonderful sensitive man with a serious medical condition.  After a number of years of searching for a diagnosis, he was directed to see Dr. Upinder Dhand..  She was the Associate Dean of Neurology at Mizzou University.  She diagnosed him with MultiFocal Motor Neuropathy .  He receives an infusion every 28 days for four days.  Not continuously four days but about 3 hours each of the four.  By the time his infusion is to start, he is tired, cranky, and weak.  I started calling it "His time of the month."  Anyway, we got a letter just about a week ago stating that Dr. Dhand had left the University and we needed to choose another doctor.  Nice to find out AFTER the fact.  So we are currently on the hunt for another neurologist.  We have received a good recommendation for one, and I'm attempting to get Kelly in to see this new doctor.  You might pray that we find a new, kind and gentle doctor.  Our previous experience with this office was not a positive one.

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