Friday, September 7, 2012

Five Minute Friday - Graceful (NOT)

Five Minute Friday

9/7/12 Prompt - Graceful

Graceful is not a word that could ever be used to describe me.  Perhaps when I am serving tea and that would be the ONLY time.  Even this requires MUCH concentration and effort.

It's not really even my fault.  It was bred into my DNA.  

I recall one time my father was quite graceful.  He thoughtlessly thought to hold the head of a young steer between his knees while one sister sprayed the steer's hind quarters.  The steer objected.  He flung his head up into my father's crouch (he walked funny for a while) and propelled dad through the air, over the fence to land ever so lucky into a huge cow pile...nature's pillow.  

He was so bowl legged that one time a sow actually ran between his knees to escape the loading shoot.  She was no fool, knowing the chute led to the slaughter house.

So it's really not such a shock that me and two sisters all fell and ripped out our ACL tendons within the space of one year.  Yes.  Really.  I was first and I did a doozy (is that a word?)  I tore my ACL, the LCL, and herniated a disc that in turned punched a nerve bundle paralyzing my left leg for about 2 years until God wrought a miracle and I began to move my toes.

Within 6 months, sister 4 slid on snow and tore out her ACL.  At least I had a doctor to recommend.  Just a few months later sister 3 fell out of a van...a church van and tore torn her ACL.  She fell OUT of a church van!  Sister #2, didn't tear anything but 10 months after I fell, I understand she strained a muscle so badly she could barely move.  How you ask?  Apparently she was standing on a bed trying to reach a ceiling fan to pull the cord.  She fell off the bed.

This chain of accidents caused my husband to nickname us the Point of Graceless.  (For those not in the know...referring to a 4 girl Christian music group - Point of Grace)  It caused some chuckles as sister 2 and I walked into church on crutches and in left and her right leg.

The other day my daughter in law posted a photo on facebook.

I asked her where she got a photo of me and my sisters, because I guarantee that one about to do a face-plant in the water could be one of us.  :)


  1. FMF: Oh my goodness I couldnt help but laugh at your poor dad! I hope he never thought to do that again :P I love your post, well written, honest and humorous. Thank you for the cute story and the laugh.

  2. Welcome to the five minute friday fun! Great job, Tina! Loved the "Point of Graceless" moniker--ha ha!

    Hope you'll join in each Friday :)

  3. Aw! It's good to have a bit of a sense of humour about the things we can't help, hmm? Point of graceless, lol. :D

  4. Wow - your poor dad! And you & your sisters seem to take after him. Your post was fun to read! :)

  5. Tina! Kudos on You-dos! This is a great read and it reflects you well! Great job at keeping it honest and flowing. That took a lot of grace, you know!