Thursday, May 9, 2013

Rink Ribbons ~ Walmart Says NO to Pink Hair!



Linderlou - I think I'll stick with wearing my pink bracelet on Rosey's behalf. But if that's what you and your DD want to do, go for it.  
abreakfromlife - you should!  it's not like you'll have many other chances to experience a hair-do like that in life!  

Sounds like outrageous fun too! I have considered buying pink hair spray and spraying my scalp for my last chemo tx. Until K pointed out no one would know unless I exposed my head. Well it's to cold to consider that even if I was brave enough.

I guess I could do it to my wig! I'm getting wig catalogues that have cool wigs like that already or red weaves.  (I DID spray my wig pink for my Oct. 1 chemo and nearly caused a pink riot in the chemo clinic!)

Last weekend my nephew Michael marched in a homecoming parade dressed as a pink fire fighter. He was harassed for being pink (mike is very buff now) until he told them that it was in honor of his aunt Rosey. sniff


I thought I'd hate doing this cancer stuff during October. I friend told me she felt like she couldn't get away from being slapped in the face with reminders. But its giving me an ooo rah spirit! I love hearing pink stories or other things like this. I think my friend was just weird. People I talk to at the cancer center all love it too.

So streak your pink!

Yeah you know Walmart...that place with the really high class general employee base? Lmbo 
(Walmart said no???)    

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