Friday, May 25, 2012

The Ying and the Yang

There will some of this.

It might not have been fair.  After all when Mr. Rosey comes home from work, he's stressed and tired and the last thing he wants to think about is exercise.  Meanwhile, me - Rosey had reached her summit of how long she can go without something sweet and chocolatey.  Ummmm...that's about 5 days without some baked sweetness.  And then I break and enter...into a bag of something that will make my diabetic educator fall over in a dead faint.   

There may be some of this...
There will be most certainly a lot of this...

 ...When she down loads my insulin and carb intake over the last 2 weeks.  I have done very well this week and I'm happy to report that my Blood Sugar values are trending downward.  That makes her happier.

I kind of find it difficult to relate to skinny diabetic educators.  Why can't they have a extra roll somewhere?  Is there an actual Body Fat calculator at the admissions office when a person shows up to enroll in classes for nursing/diabetic classes?  I have seen three so far in the last ten years and not one extra ounce among them.  I mean a stiff wind could send them rolling across the parking lot.  So I sit in these little chairs trying to stuff MY extra rolls under my waistband all the while trying to look poised and classy.
Similar to my sister's unit.
To back up and explain a little, a couple of weeks ago...well actually over a month ago, I had a "come to Jesus" meeting with myself.  It was the week before my son's wedding, and I was crazy busy and stressed out.  One afternoon, I was irritated because I felt bad.  I was feeling bad because we had been "eating on the run" and my blood sugar was out of control.  My average was hanging around 300 by my guess.  So I made the decision to switch to an insulin pump.  It's the niftiest little thing.  One reason I have resisted the doctors suggestion of a pump is because my sister has one.  She has to wear her monitor on her belt in a cell phone holder.  Which means she has to have on a skirt or pants.   I like to wear dresses and skirts, and I couldn't see myself sewing pockets into I resisted the whole thing.

This day however, I told myself to pull on the big girls panties and acknowledge that what I had been doing was not working.  I was losing weight but the Blood Sugar was consistently too high.  So I made the decision to look into a pump.  I googled insulin pumps of course and up came a new concept..the tubeless system.  The Omnipod, is totally disconnected from my body.  It has a wireless transmitter and receiver in both the pod and the monitor, so they can "talk".

My insertion device is a little larger than my sisters, but there's no tubes and it's waterproof.  I can swim or shower with my pod on, still get insulin coverage and just not think about it.  The receiver - the cell phone looking item, can stay in your purse or on a table.  It has to be within 5 feet of your body to make changes to the programs...such as  bolus injection for meals or to change the basal rate of delivery...meaning the constant drip of insulin can be changed to slower or faster.

I do have to say one thing here and those who know me personally know this is true of me....if I was to pose with my monitor like this I would have fixed that "white trash" nail polish.  The only thing that grosses me out more than chewed on and chipped polished nails, are people who don't take care of their feet but still wear sandals.  bleck, gag, shudder.  

So the "come to Jesus" meeting which is not disrespectful, but a phrase we use to mean "very serious talk to yourself or someone requiring instant change of attitude or behavior".  I got the information on the Omnipod, located a distributor whose customer service had the whole shebang sent to me within 10 days...100% covered by my insurance.

Now with the decision to take better care of my diabetes, was also the mandate to return to a healthier way of eating.  The wedding was over and it was a good time to work on our meals again.  So this week, the grill has gotten a workout as well as the steamer basket.  We were feeling pretty good and my blood sugar was trending down.  I talked Mr. Rosey into a walk around the block as well and that helped even more.

But yesterday was a combination of two things.  One...Mr. Rosey was tired.  And Two...Mrs. Rosey NEEDED some chocolate.  So I baked brownies.

I know.  Your mouth waters and your own blood sugar is going up just to look at these luscious beauties...Turtle brownies with the rich deep chocolate chewiness that we've come to love with deep, gooey swirls of caramel twisting in and around in a lovely dance of taste bud delight.

Mercy, I'm salivating just writing that.  Yes, I had reached the fullness of time that I can go without something chocolate.  So I baked them.

But after our healthy dinner, I suggested a walk to which Mr. Rosey just groaned.  I didn't blame him as I had been fighting with a conflict between my neck, shoulder and nerves.  I didn't feel like walking either.

Awwww the age old conflict.  How bad do I want this brownie?  Enough to take a walk or does it sit in the fridge perhaps for lunch tomorrow, or dinner dessert if I walk tomorrow?  This was my Ying...if I don't walk I get nothing.  And the Yang, I walk, and I can have a brownie


Well.  We Walked.  :)

I got to have my brownie and eat it too.  Perhaps my Diabetic educator won't squeal too long, if I show her the balance between my exercise and my carb load.  You think that might work?  Yeah, me neither.

But all along our goal is to make healthier choices, not to stick to rigid meal plan that deletes entire food groups out of the diet.  I have to watch my carbs because that is what loads your blood with circulating sugar.  But we still have the occasional starchy veggie or the juicy piece of fruit.  And yes, the occasional baked sweetness.  We found that with balance, we were losing weight and feeling WONDERFUL.  I felt so healthy eating this way and getting exercise.  All the way up to the cancer diagnosis.  Since then we have existed more on what is easy rather than what is healthy.  But I'm happy to report that other than the occasional bad day, I'm feeling pretty swell.  So we are encouraging each other to make better choices.

Now for the good stuff.

If you'd like to try that recipe here it is

2 cups chopped pecans
· 2 cups white sugar
· 1 cup unsalted butter
· 4 eggs
· 1 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
· 1 cup all-purpose flour
· 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
· 24 individually wrapped caramels, unwrapped
· 42 pecan halves


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C). Grease a 9x13 inch baking pan.
2. Mix the sugar, butter, eggs and cocoa until just blended. Slowly add flour and one teaspoon of the vanilla. Mix until just blended. Spread batter in pan and top with chopped pecans.
3. Bake about 25 minutes. Let cool on wire rack.
4. In saucepan over low heat, melt caramels, stirring until smooth. Remove from heat and stir in remaining vanilla. Drizzle over brownies in parallel rows and press pecan halves into the caramel in neat rows. Let set for at least 10 minutes.

When I make this I use caramel ice cream topping and usually walnuts as they are cheaper. And I add all the nuts to the batter, so they are surrounded by a blanket of chocolate goodness.

But if you want to know the honest truth, for this little piece of bribery, I used this recipe.... feel free to use it is you wish. 

Follow the directions on the back!
Bwa hahahaha!  Okay, this was not a "whole foods" item but when ya gotta have a brownie ten minutes ago, I might break my no processed foods rules.

So where do you find balance between what is good for you and what you want?

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