Thursday, October 25, 2012

The American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society offers a service where women can purchase hats, wigs, scarves, and mastectomy products at a much less cost that available elsewhere.   Go to for the entire catalog and more information.  I ordered many hats from them.  Theirs have a higher crown so the sides sit lower, helping you hide your chemo side effects.  They also carry other devices to help you feel more comfortable...halos, head bands, scalp covers...

Don't be afraid to contact your local chapter of the ACS.  They offer services,  REAL services to those going through cancer treatment.  Their fund raising is not just about paying salaries and keeping offices open.  They offer free wigs and a free styling of your wig.  The Look Good, Feel Better program, where a licensed cosmetologist teaches you how to apply makeup and create the illusion of eyelashes and eyebrows. In the LGFB program you will receive a makeup kit filled with full size products (not sample sizes).  This was particularly helpful in my group as there were several older women who had never worn more than a little lipstick.  The kit allowed them to continue improving their "cancer face" without having to purchase a dozen different products. 

They have volunteers who drive patients to appointments, and offer a gas assistance program.  I believe they also have a copay assistance program for those who qualify.  In addition, they lobby Washington concerning issues important to those battling cancer.  Of course, they fund research and education.  But most important was the support and services they made available to me.  They do not focus only on breast cancer, but extend their assistance to everyone regardless of where cancer is found.

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