Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tis the Season for "Fall" Nuts

I do not know if some of you have caught this bit of information.

I am married to certifiable nut.

Over the years he has been known to pester me so I won't miss my sisters.

He pestered our son, so he wouldn't miss out on the "sibling" experience.  That was an intense lesson - having TWO boys being brats.

Sometimes I want to WRING his neck.

But oh, our marriage has been full of as much laughter as we can squeeze in.  We have a similar snarky humor and our one liners to each other can lay us O. U. T.  Rolling on the ground, holding your sides, peeing your pants (although he insists that men never do that), laughing until tears roll down your face.  We've had our share of trial and conflict, but love and laughter have been our constant companion.

This is World Series time and the rest of the world must grind to a halt and take the back seat.  I too am a fan but I won't say that I "breathe" baseball.  He. does.  Again this year, we determined in early August the team didn't have it in them this year, yet here we find ourselves in a play off yet again.  He's holding his breath, waiting for a consecutive year in the Series.

I got a lot of stink eye and indignation when I dared to watch some video online that did not pertain to baseball.  I found some headphones and he got over it.

I did not know I was marrying a sports freak at that ceremony in the front of the church.  My acceptance of sports were not part of the vows, and I'm not sure he even revealed to me the depth of his love for baseball.  We were married in July, so in just a few short months - the 1979 Series was upon us.  That's when I discovered that everything stops so he can watch the games.  It didn't even matter who is playing.  He parked in front of the TV set cheering on one side or the other.  If our STL Cardinals are playing then well of course, that is who we will follow.  And of course the rest of the world must grind to a halt until the series is over.  That's just the way it IS.

That year the the baseball season ended and I thought so had the fanaticism.  

I was wrong.  

Now it was NFL Football, then College Basketball and on to Pro Basketball (although he admits that pro basketball is his least favorite).

I realized the cold truth.  I had married a sports nut.  To him there are two and football.  Summer starts on Pitchers and Catchers Day and ends with the final score of the World Series.  The temps outside are's what's on TV that determines our seasons.

I realized I had a choice.  I was either going to be a baseball, football & basketball widow. I whine about how he pays Sooooo much attention to sports or... I could learn to enjoy the sports and sit by his side yelling just as loud and obnoxiously as him.  I chose to enjoy sports with him.  

I have even been known an opposing team just to rile him, which makes for more interesting contests.  Never against the STL Cardinals though.

So again I sit enjoying America's past time and the company of my husband.  While he is quite the fan, he is NOT one to sit bare chested with his body painted red, tattooed with the STL Cardinal emblem (mercy I hope that doesn't give him any ideas).  I don't have a Cardinal room, although he has filled a shelf with plenty of Cardinal clutter.  He's entitled as I have my own share of clutter.

But don't expect him to clearly focus until the games are over.  You will have a brief window before the Football fever sets in.  It's more intense because I am an Arizona Cardinal fan living with a STL Rams fan.  But we have fun.

Oh and recall at the beginning of this I stated I was married to a certifiable nut?  This week he texted most of the people in his contacts list.  He stated he had lost their cell phone number and to text it back to him.  Yes.  He's that man.  

Seriously though 90% of the people were helpful enough to text back the cellphone number from the cellphone that he texted the request.

He almost got me.  At the last minute I stopped and said...waaaait a minute.  

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  1. Oh, is quite the funny joke.

    Another one I thought of after a friend of mine showed me that one was

    "Hey I dropped my phone and my contacts and names got out of place. Who is this again?"

    Love the post Tina.