Monday, August 13, 2012

Divine Appointments


In the study of Esther, Beth Moore made the following quote. 

 Coincidences are miracles where God chooses to remain anonymous.

At the time, we all grinned and nearly in unison agreed, "Oh that's good." There are those moments where God meets you right at your need. If you are alert and open to the concept of God moving in our lives, then you most likely have had  moments where a scripture popped into your mind right when you needed.  Perhaps you have struggled with something and the pastor chooses that week to preach on the topic.  Have you ever needed to share something with someone and you have NO idea how?  Then suddenly the words fill your mind and speak them clearly.  But you have no idea where the idea came from? All are miracles of their own right, but we often pass them off as coincidence. As children of the Most High, we can look at the coincidence and smile. We just had a "divine appointment" with our Father.

Today I am "guest blogging" at a friend DonnaO's blog about one of my "Divine Appointments."

Donna O
I am still very much a CITY Chick! I ask for cawfee, wauk my dawg, and think putting yellow cheese on pizza should be a Federal offense!  I rarely wear sneakers unless I am hiking (and they ARE sneakers, not “tennis shoes”!) I eat pasta, not spaghetti; drink soda not pop, and I would get my nails done each week if it didn’t cost so much!
I love to sitting on my porch counting the tractors that sputter by in spring, the insane snow storms in winter, and the incredible foliage of fall. Summer I can do without! I buy OLD things and create new things from them, I like to cook from scratch, and know how to sew my own clothing. 
Donna is a delightful woman with humor, love for her family, love for Christ and has much wisdom to share.  I hope you will join us there to read about an important divine appointment God made with me.  While you are there, she has cool tabs with various topics for you to snoop through.  No really, it's okay.  She invites you to snoop through her bloggy tabs.  

Ta ta my peeps, see you over at Donna's! Click City Girl in the Country to join us there!  Feel free to leave a comment to either of us.

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