Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Rambling Rosey

This is a little weird for me because I'm starting here with nothing really intent to say.  I just had some friends tell me they would like me to write "off the cuff" periodically because sometimes I strike my inner diva, or inner genius when I do that.  I figure if nothing else I will use these times to feature someone else's photography.  I love my bird friends.

Photo courtesy of Tracy Andreassen (my cousin)

So I have decided to tell you about something new I'm doing.  I am seeing a chiropractor.  Dr.  Bryce has been thoughtful and sweet to me.  I had been resistant to seeing a Chiro since I was old enough to say the word.  My parents didn't think much of them, and why should I.  But I have had a number of issues with my spine.  They used a cool doohickey that measure heat radiated from nerves off the spine.  APPARENTLY, your nerves are not supposed to radiate heat, but will when they are angry and irritated.  I was able to watch it show up on the computer screen as the doohickey was rolled down my back.  My nerves showed themselves to be throwing quite the fit.  The first time he went over it with me, it was like a yearbook.

Not me in the photo the thermal scanner
was like this one.

Yes doctor, that area between my shoulder blades?  That happened in 1985, that low back issue happened in 2002 and this one here in my neck...is why I came to see you.

In 1985,  I was moving furniture by myself and steam cleaning carpet when something pulled in that region.  The pain took my breath away.  I went to the Navy clinic and they sent me home with muscle relaxers.  

In 2002, I fell "water skiing" in the basement.  I shared that story on this blog 2 days ago.  I nearly had to have surgery for that disaster.  (Click the underlined water skiing for the link back to this story.)

And now this neck thing with a pinched nerve that sent pain skittering down my arm from the shoulder to the hand had driven me to seek a doctor that might try to FIX the problem rather than Medicate the problem.  So I went to the Chiropractor I met 10 years ago while painting the walls of the local Maternity home before it's grand opening.  Within a couple days, he had stopped the pain shooting down.  We are still dealing with nerve tingling in my hand but a new graphy thingy shows the muscles in my neck are less inflamed as is the nerves in my low back where the muscles are MORE inflamed.  

Six weeks ago I met with Dr. Bryce on my way to the hospital for surgery.  The time table for breast reconstruction had been sped up by a leak, so I was getting one last adjustment before being home bound for a couple weeks.  I can't tell you how moved I was when he asked if he could pray for me and my surgeon before I left.  When was the last time I had a doctor pray for my surgery or surgeon?  Uh...never.

So today, enters a new routine - rehab.  The lovely Jennifer gets on the floor with me and does these stretches WITH me to make sure I'm doing them well.  I do some reaches and some kind of twists and then some kind of knee lifting, back rolling squishing the gut kind of exercise.  I'm on my back with my knees up as close to my belly as they will go and my belly rumbles.  I'm all scrunched up and I'm praying, "Good Lord, don't let me fart in this position!"  Then the next thought was, "Oh heavens Lord, if something has to break loose, please make it JUST a fart!!"

Something like these but I wasn't nearly as cute doing it...or as good at it.

With gratitude, I was able to lower my legs and get up without losing any more dignity.  And then I came on home and started working on the mountain of dirty dishes.  Course the first thing was to go from room to room rounding UP the dirty dishes.  I have no clue how they wind up everywhere but the kitchen.

Since I told you about my Chiropractor, it seems only right to give him 
and his team a real introduction.  
Meet Dr. Bryce Koelling of Fulton Missouri.

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