Thursday, March 8, 2012

Assignment #3

Pick something in the picture and write about it.  Use descriptive words, etc.  Then go to the Facebook page and post your writing, please.  I’m so enjoying your interaction on the Facebook page and I can’t wait to see what details you pull out of the above picture.  Use your imagination, craft a story about someone or something and tell us all about it!  I want to see your perspective.

Well, Hello there young pup!  What brings you out on this cold, wet spring morning?  That was quite the gully warsher that passed through.  If you stop a minute and look down, you will notice those hard ice pellets are still on the ground.  Whoowee.  That was a shocker.  The whole family was just coming awake when such a racket went off on the street.  Footsteps, heavy and light raced to my front eyes to see what was happening.   He He…you know those new-fangled car alarms might keep your cars safe, but they shore don’t know what to do with HAIL!  Ha ha.  They think they are so smart.  But they are just loud!  I was sure happy to have my new metal hat though.  They gave me that just 2 summers ago.  I think its right smart lookin’.

Where was I?   Yep it is a cold mornin’.  But the rain stopped and I heard the sky should clear up by noon.  I look forward to drying out.  My knees are aching something fierce.  Oh, NO, you did not just roll your eyes at me!  You whippersnapper!  You don’t think I have knees?  Well if you were around just about 2 hours ago, you’d know different.  When that cold wind blew through, they started aching and complaining.   I woke up the family with my moaning.  They complained at breakfast that I creaked and groaned all night long.  But you when you are a lady of my years, you have to expect some moanin’ and groanin’.

Oh where are my manners!  I never even introduced myself.  I’m sorry Darlin.  It is not in my nature to be so rude.  I am Mrs. Mustard.  Not that I’m fond of the name, but you know how it is…names stick.  I don’t even recall what I was called before, I’ve been Mrs. Mustard since the late 60’s.  But I am  Feeling. Quite. Spunky, these days.  Did you notice my new bright blue front stoop?  My man came home the other day and told the little momma that I was bright enough to blind Little Richard.  I do not know who that is, but he needs to stay on his own street.  Little momma cried, and big man got all red faced.  He told her he was sorry and at least it wasn’t purple.  Bwa ha ha…

To my left is Miss Ivory.  She is a lovely old lady, very quiet, very unpretentious.  A college girl moved in and  quite unlike the old fool to her left.  That is Mr. Purple Yellow .  He insists on being called both names.  What he don’t know, is behind his back we call him “ole yeller”!   Yes.  We.  Do.  Ha ha ha…now slap my knee, that’s funny!  There ya are with those eyes again. 

On the other side of him is Ms. White.  But don’t let that name fool ya none about her character.  She is a scarlet woman, she is.  Back in the day, she dangled a red light out her front side.  Whoo wee.  Those were some bad times.  Now Ms. White is a lonely old woman.  We know she was tart in her youth, but we take pity on her and overlook it.  Lean in close, I don’t want to say this so I can whisper this.  We give her grace, because her front porch is sagging.   I know.  It’s such a pity.  Ole Yeller, told us that her foundation is about to give way.  A lifetime of sin, gives way to the load of shame and regret.  We don’t think she has much time left with us.  Someone in a uniform came and pasted nasty notes all over her eyes.  She just saw too much.  

Next to her is Mrs. Brick.  Now SHE is a hoot.  She tells me, “I have a brick exterior.  Far more impressive that your siding.”  What a box of rocks.  It’s like she has forgotten that we were all standing right here, watching those workers slap that fake brick veneer on her walls.  It’s as fake as the grass in her yard.  Yep.  Sometimes when she gets a little uppity, we call her “Miss Veneer” and that shuts ‘er right up.

Yes pup, I  have stood here a good many years.  People came out put us up during the Big War.   I was first to go up.  Then pretty young ladies moved in.  It was fun as they moved in with all their excitement.  Some of them had little ones.  It was a great day when the fella’s came home.  There was such joy on my street.  Except for the little lady that lived in Miss Ivory.  Uniformed men came and made her cry on her front porch.  They took away the little lady and we never saw her again.  Someone just stuck an ugly sign in her yard.

Yes, I have seen 6 generations come and go from my foundations.  How my heart misses them.  Okay, my kitchen misses them.  You really are a pup, if you don’t know the heart of a home is the kitchen.  It was when that Vietnam war started up that we got our pretty colors and names.  Our old peoples had moved out and brought in these people they called “Hippies?” 

Then something happened.  Everyone moved away.  We sat empty and sad.  Our eyes were covered with boards, our colors faded.  We expected that any day, that  big office building would send down a wrecking ball.  But something amazing happened.  Some man from uptown, walked around us and  called us names.  Blight.  Dilapidated and the worst…slums.!.  Oh honey chile, it was like rocks against my eyes.  But more men arrived with boards, and windows and we were made NEW again.  And the best of all….they brought in FAMILIES.  Yes.  Our streets now ring with laughter and happiness.  I’m old, but happy.  And yes, occasionally one of us gets an eye put out by the rowdiness of the young uns.  But that can be replaced.  You can’t replace family.

Oh, hear me go on.  I am such an old gossip.  Forgive me lil’ pup, I didn’t mean to keep ya.  The sun will be out soon and so will the families.  So shake a tail, pup!  And Do NOT Piddle on my fence post this time! He he he…kids.

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