Saturday, March 24, 2012

Precious Friends

I had such a good day last week.  It started with Physical Therapy with the blessed Ginny.  There might not be as much joy in that experience.  It hurts a little and leaves me sore.  But on the scale of unpleasant things, it doesn't really register.  Radiation...THAT registers really high on the scale of unpleasantness.   But we did accomplish some goals in the session.  I hope it will be enough to continue with the plan for reconstruction.

But then the day got much better.  I joined a beloved friend for an afternoon of chat and decorating cookies.  She makes the prettiest cut out cookies that I have personally seen.  It may not be up to Martha Stewart standards, but like I said...prettiest around.  They look like they came from the Bakery shop in the square.  I have attempted it numerous times and flopped.  So I went to watch her and find out what I was doing wrong.  Turns out I was doing a few things that did not help me create pretty cookies.  For starters, take a seat.  I had been standing a steel work table, which made completing the next step less likely.  Number two?  Take your time.  See, I tend to get tired of standing and impatient with how long it is taking me and I start shaking the sprinkle bottles.  Soon there is flying sugar all about and not so pretty cookies.  I learned to set the cookie on a paper plate and use the plate maneuver my cookie around.  Holding the knife to pull the icing forward works better than pushing it around.  When Mrs. Rosey's friend told me to work it like cake icing, I understood immediately.  Then I watched her put the sprinkles into these cute little ramekins.  Who knew it was better to grab a pinch from the bowl and drop it where you want, rather than shake the heck out a bottle?

We sat these decorated cookies aside so the icing will harden.  That allows them to be stacked in a pretty box to present to a wonderful neighbor boy who mows your lawn out of the goodness of his heart.  Oh.  That's right.  The cookies we decorated were for Rosey's friend to give away.  But I walked away feeling confident that I COULD do this as well.

Do you like how my photos form an exclamation point?  Oddly I thought that decorating cookies would be stressful.  But we sat, a breeze blowing in the window and ceiling fan spinning overhead.  We applied our efforts to the naked cookies, and chatted about life and loves.  Stresses and deadlines just melted away as two friends reconnected and enjoyed an afternoon together.  The only thing to make it perfect would have been a cup of tea.  And I totally forgot to suggest it!

God bless our special friends and all the special joys they bring to our lives.

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