Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On a lighter note...

It took me by surprise.

The sky had begun to lighten.  The sun now yawned and stretched her fingers to the sky.

Somewhere in the corners of my sleeping mind, I heard it.  Gradually an awareness seeped in and I peeked one eye open.  Morning's gentle light danced through the windows and I smiled.  Then I clearly heard.  I flipped back the blankets and popped out of the bed.  Padding over to the door, I pulled it wide and stepped out into the dawn.  Standing on the porch wrapped in the cozy blanket,  I was momentarily sheltered from the chill of the early hour.  I lifted my face to the sun and I heard.

I had not noticed its arrival earlier in the week.  Through long winter months, its absence saddened my heart.  The mornings long and cheerless had stretched on.

But this morning was different.  This morning, it was here heralding the arrival with joyous abandon.  In the trees, on the lawn, sharing at the feeder and in the warmth of the sun, the birds sang their joy.

Morning's song had returned.

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