Friday, March 23, 2012

Five Minute Friday: LOUD

Five Minute's challenge. Today we are supposed to go over to The Gypsy Mama's blog and write about whatever prompt she has... her 'Five Minute Friday'. You write for 5 minutes, 'no editing, no over-thinking, no back-tracking'. And this terrifies me. But I'll push forward... Today's word is 'Loud'... Go.

I was so proud to be there.  A couple weeks ago, my husband and I attended the county caucus to vote on delegates for the district and state caucus assemblies.  My own son wanted to be a delegate so we intended to be there and add two more votes to his count.

The caucus was not as scary as I expected.  Turns out the people of Callaway County are just respectful and polite.  They were nothing like the people we saw on news broadcasts.  So the business of electing delegates began.  One of his friends was going to nominate him for this honor.  The chairman asked that everyone tell who they will nominate and give a short two minute declaration why they would be a good choice.  Mr. Rosey and I had decided not to elect because it was our first visit and we were afraid.  *In other words, we chickened out.*  I don't know exactly who nominated my son, but I remember thinking they are not doing it right.

First of all, they should elect him because I'm his momma and I said so!  But also because he is a "good boy" with a heart of gold.  He used to love History as a home school student and imagine my surprise that after he graduated out of high school, he kept on studying History.  This man child of mine, can quote speeches and spout out Presidential quotes as if I read them to him in the crib!  He came to the conclusion that our political society was an Old boy's club, stuck to traditions of the past.  He has decided our government needs fresh blood and he was stepping forward to learn from the grassroots level.  I was once his teacher but now he schools me.

Then came the moment for his own speech detailing why he was a good candidate to represent the people of our county.  He stood so tall and spoke clearly and loudly enough for everyone to hear him.  He did none of the I  No MY son stood and said I am a good candidate.  I was educated at home by the best mom in the world *OK, maybe he didn't say the best mom...but I know he meant to say it*.  I was brought up in a conservative Christian values home.  I believe that...and he went on to emphatically announce his beliefs and why they made him a good candidate.  He was determined, he was concise and he was firm.  He ended his speech loudly proclaiming why our sitting president should be removed from his office.  He was the only one to receive an applause!

From across the room I heard a woman ask "WHO is that?  Who said that!"  Let me tell you my darlin', this momma was beaming.  I physically, yes I did, I physically forced myself to stay seated in my seat.  Because with all my heart, I wanted to jump up and with my fist in the air loudly proclaim..."THAT'S my BABY!!"


  1. Nicely done! I bet you were proud!

  2. Mother, as requested, here is the speech I gave, as typed out in my phone.

    "My name is James Blankenship, and I was raised a fiscal and social conservative with strong family values. I was homeschooled and I believe a strong family unit is the basis of a free society. I believe that the income tax is immoral and amounts to little more than legalized theft, and I will do my part to see it abolished. I believe that President Obama has committed treason on numerous occasions and feel it is my duty as an American to ensure that he does not see a second term."

    Of course, for obvious reasons I neglected to mention that Bush was a treasonous scumbag as well, along with the rest of his Nazi-sympathizing, war-profiting family. In fact, sadly I admit the only Presidents in the past century that I don't think were horrible are JFK, Eisenhower and Reagan, and even those three did things that were unConstitutional and anti-Liberty.
    I think if I could have said that speech with more time and without fear of being mocked and ridiculed, I would've added this:

    "-But I also believe I would be derelict in that same duty if I were to elect another spineless politician who says one thing and does another, and who is scarcely any different from Obama, just because they have an R in front of their name. For that reason, I choose Ron Paul because he is the only one who can appeal to Independents and Democrats, he is the only one who always follows the Constitution and never comes up with vague and illogical reasons for disobeying it, he always defends Liberty and Conservatism across the board, and has been perfectly consistent his entire career and has a record to back it up."